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Binaltech Wheeljack KO Review
Posted by: Xanathis
Date: January 15, 2010

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In my previous review, I took a look at Binaltech Shockwave by A&L. Now we’ll take a look at another Binaltech knockoff, Wheeljack who turns into a Ford Mustang, by what appears to be a company called Super. This particular figure sells for around $15.

Looking at the package, Super shamelessly has Transformers and Binaltech mentioned all over it as well as the name Wheeljack. The immediate thing I noticed was the fact that the vehicle looks like it’s falling apart inside the packaging…a portent of things to come.

The back of the package reiterates their claims of being Binaltech Wheeljack. The bad english is entertaining. Sadly, I think they spent more time on the packaging (and included leaflet) than the toy itself.

Getting everything out of the package, you have the vehicle, the engine that turns into his gun, the instruction leaflet, and two ‘cards’ that would be a copy of his tech card. The ‘cards’ are sad as rather than printing it all on a double sided, decent card stock they used two pieces of plain old cardboard. The car at least looks like a ford mustang, has the right colors, and looks somewhat better once you tab everything together even though some of it still doesn’t line up anywhere close.

As I mentioned earlier, Super seems to have devoted their energy to their packaging and this leaflet. It folds out to show the instructions (which aren’t all that clear on some steps), with some color pictures, and sections devoted to the ‘Binaltech Story’ and info on the Ford Mustang. The instructions are great for some laughs touch as it has some of the worst bad english I’ve seen. Don’t forget to ‘pull the humper to 90 degree’!

Bottom of the car reveals the arms, although the hands don’t fit right under the hood. I do give Super credit for bothering to put in the moving parts that gives the car a bit more accuracy by allowing the turning of one front wheel to turn the other in the same direction. It was a nice though. Despite their claims of being a Binaltech, this figure is completely in plastic, like an Alternator. Plastic quality is alright, better than some of the other knockoffs I’ve messed with. You can also see where his sword stashes.

Transformation is where things go south fast. This guy is built very shoddily. Besides the fact that some of the parts don’t want to move like they should, I had a number of parts fall off (a few of which fell of repeatedly). His windshield, doors, arms, and especially his legs would fall off. In fact, if you even look at him wrong his legs will fall off like some kind of lizard-styled escape mechanism. Also, one of the screws that holds the frame of his hood to the rest of the body kept falling out. There’s nothing that’s supposed to hold it in (just the hole, which is cut smaller on the other side) so I’ll need to get some glue or something to hold it together.

Once you do get him transformed, he looks like a depressed robot. The paint job isn’t very good, so there’s a bit of chipping and bad coloration. His head in particular looks all banged up. Also if you look closely you’ll notice that they built him with his hands reversed. Fortunately that’s an easy fix as they pop off…just like everything else on him.

As for articulation, he’s got a good bit of it. The head and waist can rotate, has elbow and knee joints, and the feet and hips are on ball joints that allow for easy posing to get him to stand. You have to be careful though as his hip joints are weak (where his legs like to disconnect) so he has a tendency to fall over. His hands are jointed like Shockwave, with a joint for the pointer finger and another for the middle through pinky fingers. There’s also holes in each hand so that his gun and sword can peg on.

I was looking forward to this guy, since he looked rather cool and I wanted a Wheeljack. Sadly the poor construction really ruined any hope I had for the figure. Converting him back to car mode was a lesson in frustration as everything continued to fall off and then none of it lined up right to make a sloppy, loose carwreck. Therefore, I must recommend avoiding this like the plague and not wasting your $15. You can get a real Alternators Wheeljack off places like Ebay for $30-50 (the Binaltech version goes for far too much) at the time of this writing which would be a far better deal. Although I’ve heard good things about other knockoffs by this manufacturer, Wheeljack doesn’t give me much faith in Super.

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