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Oversized Alternators Hot Rod KO Review
Posted by: Xanathis
Date: January 15, 2010

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So now I’ve done reviews on Binaltech/Alternators knockoffs by two different companies, A&L and Super. A&L’s was incredible, Super’s was….not super. Here we have yet another Alternators knockoff by a third company (since I can’t read Chinese, I don’t know who). This is a slightly oversized version (1:22 scale rather than the original 1:24 scale) of Hot Rod that transforms into a Ford GT.

Hot Rod comes on a giant card back. He’s apparently got super energy and super powers. I also was amused that they put “New Arrival” on it twice, so he can never be old! This fella runs about $20.

Back of the card shows his instructions to transform him into car mode. One thing I found interesting was that his leg armor on the sides were halves of his back bumper and trunk and detaches from the rest of him (something that isn’t done with the real one). His transformation is also simplified compared to the real figure.

Since he comes packaged in robot mode, we’ll start with that first. Here he is next to Shockwave for comparison. As can be seen, the scale difference makes him a bit taller. He comes with two guns, none of which were with the original Hot Rod and don’t really look like they belong with a Transformer (I was thinking one looked like it belonged to a Gundam and Yomanman has confirmed they both come from Gundam Seed Destiny…weird). His paint application is decent throughout and he’s completely of plastic like sad Wheeljack.

Like the other two, he has a lot of articulation. The head is on a ball joint that allows for rotation and tilting, he has full shoulder and elbow movement, waist rotation, sideways hip movement, and jointed ankles to assist with standing. He has a little bit of wrist sideways movement, but unlike the other KOs the 4 fingers of his hands are all on one joint. The legs are a little odd in that he doesn’t have knees where it looks like he should based on his proportions. Rather, he has knee-like joints above where you would expect knees to be.

Car mode has him looking like a Ford GT and he has a good rendition of the paintjob of the real Hot Rod. He’s made of good plastic and most of his parts have a tight fit so he feels sturdy. There’s several spots where things don’t line up quite right and looks a little disjointed, but that’s not surprising in a knockoff. As opposed to Wheeljack and Shockwave, he has plastic instead of rubber wheels.

In car mode his doors can open to reveal the interior. I just realized I have the seatbacks folded down in that photo, but you can fold them both up to show detailed seats. The dashboard has some detailing as well as the center console. Notice though that there’s no steering wheel. Course, he is a robot so he can drive himself but it’s an odd thing to leave out after going through the trouble of putting the other details inside the car.

And here’s Hot Rod next to a real Alternators Sideswipe for size comparison. Again due to his scale he’s slightly larger. Seeing him next to a real Alternator kind of demonstrates how poorly his body panels fit together. Nice for a knockoff, but not
quite to real quality levels.

All in all, oversized Hot Rod is a pretty good figure that transforms and holds together far better than Super’s, from the experience I’ve had with them. He makes a nice stand in for an Alternators Hot Rod if you don’t have one and is one of the higher quality knockoffs out there. He gets my stamp of approval and for $20 he’s not a bad deal at all.

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