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Transformers G1 Carded 3-Pack KO Review
Posted by: Xanathis
Date: January 19, 2010

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Here’s something of a mysterious one for you. What we have here is a knockoff 3-pack of robots that boldly claims to be Transformers and uses a classic style packaging design on the card. It’s immediately a curious set as it states on there that it contains Triggercon Ruckus, but clearly none of them are Ruckus. Sticking with their Triggercon motif, they also claim that the robots have trigger action weapons…which again none of them do. Hmm.

What we do get is a nice looking tank, a respectable boat, and something akin to a stealth plane. The paint jobs are decent and there’s some nice detailing on them. The plastic is also rather thick and sturdy feeling.

Transforming them, we get an odd set of robots. The tank had the most complex of the transformations and ends up being the best looking bot of the bunch including his turret becoming a gun and a little piece off the top of the tank being a little molded guy (more on that in a second). The boat makes an ok robot and does include guns, while the jet becomes some sort of…midget. I looked high and low online trying to figure out who these are knockoffs of and all I could find out was that the tank is a version of the transformer Quake, while the other two seem to be unknown (though they have some design similarities with real Transformers).

Quake is a member of the Transformers subgroup called Targetmasters, which each came with a little molded humanoid that could transform into a gun (usually just involving flipping a piece out). In the case of Quake, he was a Double Targetmaster having two humanoid weapons. The KO does come with one as seen in the pictures (rather than two) and he’s molded in a humanoid form. Curiously, he can’t transform into a weapon. You can see how his back is made where another piece should be connected that could flip out, but here he ends up just being a little pointless man.

This set cost me $7, which I consider a decent deal just to get the nice tank transformer. I wouldn’t recommend paying much more for the pack though as the boat is so-so and the jet is pathetic.

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