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Double Dealer Brawl KO Review
Posted by: Xanathis
Date: January 19, 2010

Got another strange one to review. This here is Super United’s “Tank Missile Eagle” from their New Change Series. The card front is plastered with images of tanks and eagles to reinforce the point.

The card back shows how it’s supposed to work. There’s supposed to be the Double Dealer KO (which is the eagle backed armored vehicle), Brawl (the tank robot), and a combination of the two. It’s a weird design choice considering Double Dealer is a G1 Transformer where the Brawl they chose to use is from the new live-action movies. Bottom of the package advertises some other movie version transformers – Starscream, Optimus Prime, and Grindor/Blackout.

Opening it up we get a pile of stuff. There’s a tank, a couple of missiles, an eagle like thing (gotta give them credit, there’s no false advertising in the name of this thing), a satellite dish, and…some arms. Right off the bat, we notice the eagle is rather hollow on his underside with no armored vehicle to be seen. So much for Double Dealer. Perhaps Brawl and the combined tank eagle will make up for it.

The missiles don’t really appear to go anywhere either on Brawl or the eagle. The best solution I could find is a peg on them that sort of fit on a hole on the top of Brawl. The satellite dish is another mystery. It has a weird connector piece on the end of it and I could not find any location on eagle or tank that it would go. Then there’s the question of the arms.

Looking at the underside of Brawl, we see why the arms were in the package. There’s actually no space in him for his arms to fit when in tank mode. What a gyp. They could have at least put some effort into Brawl since they didn’t bother at all with Double Dealer.

The eagle itself, despite being built on a big, hollow, square, pink piece of plastic has some redeeming qualities. His legs can rotate, wings are able to extend and rotate, the tail can also move up and down, and he has a neck and even a jaw joint for head and mouth movement. Odd that they put in the work to make him so articulated when it serves no purpose really.

As I already mentioned, the eagle’s underside is hollow. However, he does have a little yellow peg there along with grooves cut in his sides. There is a open hole about the size of the peg on top of Brawl, so maybe they can…

Fail, their attempt at combining is a no go. The grooves do match with the bulges on the turret, but the peg doesn’t line up to actually snap eagle onto tank. So we have a useless, fully articulated eagle, some big useless missiles, and a useless satellite dish. Come on Brawl, show us something good.

Brawl is made of pretty cheap plastic that feels cheaper than the other parts he came with. His transformation is extremely simplified, about as easy as a modern legends class toy. He does have some articulation in his arms and legs, but he’s just not all that good and looks better in tank mode.

I’m not sure what Super United was aiming for with this set, besides having a tank, a missile, and an eagle. You’d think combining 3 of the coolest things around would equal cool, but this was not to be. Don’t waste your money on this pile of crud (like I did to the tune of $15) and go buy a real Brawl figure and a real or actual KO of Double Dealer. You’ll be better off in the long run.

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