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Oversized G1 Blitzwing KO Review
Posted by: Xanathis
Date: January 19, 2010

Another KO review with a tank involved (love those tanks). This time we’re taking a look at Robots in Powers Thunder Sky Land Commander…or Blitzwing as he was called in Transformers. Blitzwing is a triple changer who can change into a jet, a tank, and a robot. This particular KO comes in two variants, this one where he’s packaged in jet mode and another where he is packaged in tank mode. He’s also oversized and appears to be about 1.5x larger than the original mold. Blitzwing runs in the $12-15 range.

Back of the package shows instructions for Blitzwing along with others made by the same company including Double Dealer, G2 Megatron, and the minicon trio from Transformers Armada that combine to make Grindor.

Opening him up we get the jet, a sword, and a little plastic tree with 3 missiles. He’s made of nice plastic and doesn’t feel flimsy in any of the parts.

Blitzwing makes a nice looking jet. He has stickers applied to him that are nice and shiny and fortunately aren’t all crooked (even having Decepticon symbols). Paint is solid, though the blue is an odd color choice.

Under his wings are the two missile launchers. The missiles just slide in and lock into place. These suckers are pretty powerful and more aerodynamic than you’d think so take care where you aim it.

The button to launch the missiles is on the underside of the plane mode. These buttons can get in the way when changing to tank mode, making it kind of an unusual design choice for the mold.

Changing him to tank mode is easy enough require the flipping and rotating of a few parts. There’s some nice silver paint details on the turret, another decepticon sticker, and painted on treads.

Finally there’s robot mode, which is the weakest of the three. The colors, though they look alright in jet and tank modes, don’t work well in robot mode. There’s very little articulation.

His hands do have holes in them that the sword can peg into. It’s a shame the sword isn’t fashioned to look nice on both sides of it rather than on the outer side. That makes it so that you have to turn him just right for displaying to not show the unfinished side of the sword.

I’m quite impressed with this guy. I’ve never had a G1 blitzwing before and this makes a very nice and quite accurate (despite being enlarged) representation of him. The plastic is sturdy and the transformations and joints are nice and solid. He was well worth the money.

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