TWH Gaming's Finest Awards 2004


So why do a game awards feature? Well, one day, Yomanman approached me with the idea. It sounded like a fun idea and we were relatively bored, so after some discussion we decided we'd do it. So after a few talks, the design of the sections was created. The feature generally falls into two sections:

In section I, you will find each judge's votes for their personal Top 10 Best Video Games of All Time. Section II contains 10 categories that the judges made votes on ranging from Most Underrated Title to Weirdest Game.

There's links at the bottom of each page to guide you along page by page or you can use the handy, dandy menu up near the top to jump to a section. What's so good about this compared to other game awards like this? Well, for one we don't take ourselves as seriously as other places. We have some categories others don't do. We didn't limit it to games released in the past year. And finally, just cause we're cool like that and you know you got nothing better to do at the moment. So enjoy yourselves, maybe you'll learn of some cool games you've never heard of before that you could give a try.

Introducing the judges:

The Staff Members:

The Honorary Staff Members:

Special Guest:
Gideon Zhi
(main man behind AGTP of fan rom translation/hacking fame)

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