Japanese Showcase: Super Famicom II
Hyper Fighting Edition
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Date: April 01, 2008

Welcome to the much overdue second article on Japanese games that anybody (even those non-Japanese speakers/readers) can enjoy. Today's article takes a look at several Super Famicom fighting games.

Battle Tycoon Flash Hiders SFX


Battle Tycoon is a Street Fighter style fighting game featuring a collection of anime characters. An intriguing point to the game is the story mode, which allows you to travel around battling opponents to build up your character. Your character can gain levels and you have the ability of assigning points to their attack, defense, and speed. Sort of like a fighter RPG in that respect.

Kido Senshi Gundam V


Take control of the Gundam V mech in this one player game. You go through levels fighting enemy after enemy in a style that's part brawler like Streets of Rage and part regular fighter.

Makeruna Makendo 2


Another game that features a Street Fighter style. The twist on this game is that it stars a collection of school students in various sports (much like the later Rival Schools games).

Sd Hiryu no Ken


A few of you may know the Hiryu no Ken series by the English names of Flying Warriors/Flying Dragon (or not). This is one of the best Hiryu no Ken games released with a variety of characters, nice graphics, and fun gameplay.

SD Ultra Battle - Seven and Ultraman


Another game featuring super deformed characters, SD Ultra Battle was a batch of fighting games that appeared on the short lived Sufami Turbo add-on. Select one of three goofy characters and brawl it out with monsters.

Sugoi Hebereke


One of the best fighting games the Super Famicom has to offer. Sugoi Hebereke features up to 4 player action in this cute and extremely fun fighting game. Another nice feature is that some of the arenas have objects to interact with (such as a moving platform that has spikes that randomly stick out of it). A must for any fighting fan

Super Chinese Fighter


Once again, another Street Fighter style fighting game. Similar in style to the SD Hiryu no Ken game mentioned earlier (being made by the same company, Culture Brain, in the same year, 1994), this game includes items characters may use as well as a more complex story mode. The two main guys in this game have been featured in a number of other games on a number of systems such as the Super Chinese Land gameboy games and Super Chinese World sfc games.

Yuu Yuu Hakusho Tokubetuhen


My favorite fighting game for the Super Famicom. Taking an extremely unique style, Tokubetuhen is a cinematic fighter. Throw out all you know about fighting games as this is incredibly different. Combat is done by making selections while charging your power meter. Each action is performed in a cinematic style. Give it a try, it's awesome.

So comes to a close the second Japanese Showcase. Until next time, keep gaming.

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