Japanese Showcase: Super Famicom III
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Date: April 01, 2008

In another piece of new content for The Worm Hole's birthday in 2005, here is the third article in the Japanese Showcase series. Once again we revisit the Super Famicom and its wealth of Japanese games to introduce you to a selection of excellent puzzle games that any non-Japanese may play.



Aryol is an interesting little game for the Super Famicom by being played like a regular jig-saw puzzle. Each level begins with the game showing you an animated picture which is then broken up into pieces and you have to put it back together into the frame. Good for some puzzle fun.

Dharma Doujou


This is an odd puzzle game where you take control of one of two characters. Each level has you attempting to clear the blocks before the monster climbs all the way up the rope. To do this, you have to manipulate the blocks so you can line up 3 of the same kind at the bottom of the screen.

Dorakey Puzzle Tour '94


Dorakey is almost like a shooter puzzle game. As the screen scrolls, you must shoot your colored blocks to have at least 5 of the same color touch before they clear. Meanwhile, your opponent is doing the same. Your goal is to make the opponent's blocks reach the borderline before yours do. To help you with this, you can use items by breaking open ? blocks.

Mahou Poi Poi Poitto!


Another battling type puzzle game. You must make combos (whether linking 4 of the same puzzle piece together or making a chain of two or more lines). As you make combos, your character casts spells on the opponent, slowly draining away his life until he hits the top of the screen and is defeated. The enemy is not defenseless though. He will cast spells upon your blocks, turning them into worthless metal blocks that you must deal with.

Panel de Pon


A very cutesy puzzle game starring a group of fairies. Select whichever fairy you wish (which determines the background) and then you must prevent the blocks from reaching the top of the screen. In order to do this, you must arrange 3 or more of the same style block vertically or horizontally. If you manage to clear more than 3 at once or perform a chain, the screen will stop scrolling up temporarily.

Pro Yakyuu Nettou Puzzle Stadium


Another odd take on the usual puzzle game formula. In this puzzle game, you choose a baseball team and play baseball, puzzle style. Innings are played where each player takes turns "pitching" and "batting" with the obvious goals of striking out the opponent or making base hits. The player with the most runs after the selected number of innings wins.

Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber World


Bomberman in a puzzle game. How could you go wrong? Though not quite as good as the Panic Bomber game that was released for the Virtual Boy, the Super Famicom game is still a load of fun. Once again, the goal is to get the enemy's screen to the top before yours does.

Tetris Battle Gaiden


An extremely fun Tetris game for the Super Famicom. If you've played Tetrinet for PC, you'll have some idea of how this game plays. Choose one of a collection of characters who each have their own set of special abilities. As you go around battling your opponents, you can collect little orbs from puzzle pieces. Use the orbs to power your special abilities to wreak havoc among your enemies.

Thus concludes the third Japanese Showcase article. Perhaps amongst the three articles that exist you'll find a game that truly entertains you. Until next time.

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