A Hero Lost

The Nvangelist universe spawned a number of years ago. I'm not certain just how exactly it came to be, though I'm sure Yomanman could enlighten further on that topic. At any rate, it is a fictional (obviously) universe whose main characters are based on a number of people from an old IRC channel. There are many variations on this universe (consider it like Gundam and all it's alternate timelines) which has lent intself towards a number of stories and games/game ideas (including, but not limited to, a megaman 2 hack and a mod for an FPS game of which I forget which it was). Of all the styles of games/game ideas it has seen in the past, an RPG was never one of them. Bored one day and messing around with the latest RPGmaker software at the time, RPG Maker XP, I approached Yomanman about the idea of doing a game on the Nvangelist universe.

He was keen on the idea and work began in earnest on what would eventually become Hymn of Heroes. As we went along, Yomanman began learning how to use the software and got more involved in the program part of the process. I knew that it would eventually become difficult to have more than one person working on the program at the same time and then trying to link everything together (I had tried it once a long while back at the request of someone and it didn't work out). Therefore, I let Yomanman fully take over the creation of the game and went into an advisory role. This would also let him be able to creatively do exactly what he had in mind for the story and know what limits he had in regards to the software.

At this point, I decided to start a second project set in the Nvangelist universe. Always wanting to mess with a side-view battle system, I stepped back to RPG Maker 2003 which has one built in already. The Nvangelist stories and games have commonly (actually, make that always as far as I know) been staged in a modern to futuristic setting. Therefore, to do something different, I decided to go with a traditional, medieval setting. Needing a story concept, I pulled an idea I had used way back when on an unifinished Nvangelists text adventure game I had started coding in QBasic. So it was that A Hero Lost got its' start. Work progresses slowly on it due to time constraints but perhaps one day it will be finished.

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