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Review: Revoltech Megatron
Posted by: Yomanman
Date: September 05, 2009
Series: Revoltech
Sub-Series: Yamaguchi
Series Number: 025
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: 120mm (4.7”)
Assembly: None
MSRP: 1,900 Yen
Made in: China
Made of: PVC / ABS
 5x Hands
 2x Heads
The front of the box.
The front of the box

The back of the box.
The back of the box

Everything that’s included.
Everything that's included

Puny Humans!
Everything that's included

Showing off his range of movement.
Showing off his range of movement.

Oh the humanity!
Oh the humanity!

Beside Action Master Shockwave.
Beside Action Master Shockwave.

When I made my pilgrimage to the San Diego Comic Con in the summer of 2007, I across this figure while frolicking in ecstasy through the rows of Gunpla kits . While I had been aware of the Revoltech line by Kaiyodo, this was my first encounter with one and I had a great deal of enjoyment posing it that night in the hotel room.

What makes this figure interesting is while it is based and licensed on the popular G1 Transformers line of merchandise, it does not transform. Not since the Action Master line from the late 80s has there been Transformers that eschewed from their roots, and instead, decided to adhere more closely to their animated stylings. Megatron had been one of the least similar toys that shared any likeness to their animated counterpart of the tv shows and comic books.

The aforementioned Action Master line tried to alleviate this by having non-transforming Transformers that more accurately resembled the robot’s humanoid modes. In that vein, the Revoltech Megatron does not attempt to fool you with any gimmicks; it attempts to match the designs that most fans growing up with the series remembered as Megatron.

Accessories: 5
Accessories include 5 hands and 2 heads. This is unusually spare for figures of this line, especially the lack of a stand, which most are bundled with. Megatron does support stands thanks to the standard holes in his feet, but lacks a hole on his back. The cannons on his arm and back are neither removable nor interchangeable.

One head has an angry look whereas the other sports a devilish grin. His various hands include: Clenched fist, wide open hands, and a right hand in a trigger grip. The hand molded to hold a gun is curious because this figure comes with no hand-held items. It would have been great to have him come with a small version of himself in gun mode, but you have to buy Starscream for that.

Aesthetics: 8
The design of the figure is very well proportioned and is dead-on accurate to the original TV and comic series. He measures up to 120mm, or 4.7 inches, which is about average height for Revoltechs, which average between 100mm to 170mm.
Megatron is well painted, sporting a dull gray for most of the body, gloss black, and metallic red for the inside of the legs around the upper arms. The panel lines are not painted, thankfully, but other little details are, such as the little orange and red lines on his abdomen.

One odd problem are the revolver joints at the elbows. The ends actually stick out of the tops of the forearms. At first I thought they were some kind of mounting peg, but Xanathis showed me that they were actually the joints.

Articulation: 7
The figure itself features excellent mobility thanks to 13 ratcheting joints. Each joint, with the exception of the knees and ankles, allows for almost complete 360° movement around its axis. The neck is double-jointed, allowing the figure to more accurately look up and down. The torso has its own joint, allowing for very dynamic posing.

Durability: 7
The most touted feature of Revoltech line is the Revolving-Joint: A ratcheting ball joint that clicks into place to keep it’s pose. These ball joints are also removable, which may make the kit more prone to falling apart, but not breaking. I love this feature because it reminds me very much of the old 3 3/4” GI Joe figures of the 80s that also had removable limbs. This allows you to mix and match parts easily amongst other Revoltechs.

The biggest problem you may run across is a stiff joint that doesn’t want to move or come out. In the event of a part ever breaking, you can buy replacement joints online in a variety of colors. If a part other than a join breaks you’ll have to pray that superglue will do the job.

Overall: 7
Overall, I am very pleased with this interpretation of the Decepticon leader. It is a major step up from the Action Masters of my childhood, and it both looks and plays great. It’s immensely fun to fiddle with and put into a myriad of poses. Most importantly, it can take quite a bit of abuse, even if the box warns prospective buyers that this is not a toy and is intended for adults only.
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