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Review: Revoltech Evangelion Mass Production Type (Wing)
Posted by: Yomanman
Date: January 06, 2010
Series: Revoltech
Sub-Series: Yamaguchi
Series Number: 026
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: 130mm (5”)
Assembly: None
MSRP: 1,900 Yen
Made in: China
Made of: PVC / ABS
 6x Hands
 3x Wings
 1x Entry Plug Cover
 1x Stand
The front of the box.
The front of the box

The back of the box.
The back of the box

Everything that’s included.
Everything that's included

It’s supper time!
It's supper time!

It could do the Flashdance scene if I had a chair.
It could do the Flashdance scene if I had a chair.

It smiles even when dismembered!
It smiles even when dismembered!

It is evil!
It is evil!

Shinji, stop playing games with him!
Shinji, stop playing games with him!

Yellow Valkyrie shot the food!
Yellow Valkyrie shot the food!

When I first saw the 1997 animated film “End of Evangelion” I was messed up for a solid week from it’s disturbing finale to an incredible series that had fallen in love with since the first episode. The lingering images of the circling vultures over my favorite character haunted me, and continues to stay with me even today as one of the most unsettling and climatic scenes in cinema history.

The Mass Production Evangelion, which appeared in the aforementioned movie, was my second favorite design behind the red Eva 02. It’s design captures a kind of Freudian, inhuman fear unlike anything I’ve seen. The eyeless head gives no “window into the soul”; the large, salivating mouth shows a savage hunger; and it’s circling vulture-like flight patterns reminds us of death.

Because of all of the accessories that the Mass Production Eva could come with, Kaiyodo decided to split the figure into two separate figures. The numbering, though, is a bit unusual. The 26th Revoltech is actually the MP Eva with Wings, and a limited edition MP Eva with Weapons. If these figures were made today, all of the accessories would be packaged together in a deluxe set.

Accessories: 7
Accessories include 6 hands, 3 wing parts, the 3 piece stand, and an entry plug cover when you don’t have the wings applied. The hands range from nearly open with fingers spread, to fists clenched for holding the Lance of Longinus, which is not included in this package. I find this unfortunate, but the Wings make up for it. They are comprised of three parts: The center/tail section that pops into the entry plug hole at the base of the neck, and two wings with a ratcheting joint to each.

If I had any qualms about the accessories, I would really have loved to have either one of the lances or a second head (perhaps licking its lips). Since Kaiyodo tried to keep the costs down to their (at the time) usual price of 1,900 Yen, I can’t really complain. I do feel as though it’s worth the price.

Aesthetics: 8
I’m rather impressed with how well the spherical ratchet joints blend into the original design of the Evangelions. The joints barely interrupt the lines of the body, and figure benefits from their versatile design. The figure measures up to 130mm, or 5 inches, which is on par for Revoltechs, which average between 100mm to 170mm.

Aside from the bright red lips, the MP Eva is almost exclusively painted in black and white. The other colors are a bit of gray and brown on the upper chest. Some of the panel lines are painted in a gloss black, mostly on the back of the figure. The paintjob is acceptable; some of the circles of black on the ankle armor is over-painted, but it’s not obvious. The wings are beautiful, being painted on the insides in a semi-gloss black, unlike the gloss black of the rest of the figure. This softness makes the wings stand out even more.

The legs are unusual in their appearance if you stare at it for too long. The thighs are not straight, but curved, and I sometimes have trouble making the legs look right. This is most apparent when you try to have it stand up straight. It leads me to believe that the legs were designed this way to better accentuate it’s hunched-over, possessed stance.

Articulation: 8
The figure itself features excellent mobility thanks to 10 ratcheting joints in the body, and 2 for the wings. Each joint allows for complete 360° movement around its axis. The stiffest part of the figure is the pelvic region. Unlike the rest of the body, the legs are connected to the lower torso by the way of pegs similar to the hands. The upper legs connect to the lower torso and provide a single axis of movement, allowing the figure to raise and lower its legs. The thighs rotate on a single axis, allowing the leg to twist from side to side.

The wings can almost shield the body, but just doesn’t have the range to get in front of the figure. The tail section is static, being stuck to the back. The hands connect to the forearms via pegs, giving them only a single axis of movement. A ring connects the ankle armor to the ankle joint, allowing more natural, and unhindered movement of the feet.

Durability: 7
Everything feels solid with this figure, the only exception being the sheer weight of the wings once attached. You need to spend extra time tweaking its pose so that it doesn’t topple over. What concerns me the most are the pegs that hold the hands into the forearms. The pegs have a grommet-like ring that keeps the pieces in place. If this grommet ever wore out it could cause the hands to fall off, but this has been only conjecture so far.

Overall: 8
I’m in love with this figure. It’s an excellent representation of the creature, and looks fantastic in any pose. It’s a major step up in durability from the 7.5 inch figure that Kaiyodo released of it several years before. While it may not be as big or as accurate, it is more playable and posable.
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