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Quick Change Star Saber KO Review
Posted by: Xanathis
Date: January 08, 2010

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Back in the 1980s after the original Transformers cartoon ended in America, Japan went on to create more shows that took place chronologically after the end of first series. The last full show, released in 1989, was called Transformers: Victory. The main hero of Victory was the newly appointed leader of the Autobots, Star Saber. A couple of Star Saber figures have been released over the years, most recently in 2004 as part of the Robot Masters toyline in Japan.

Here we have an unnamed robot that’s part of the Quick Change line of figures that you can find in budget close out stores across America. This particular guy I picked up at a Tuesday Morning for just two dollars, but he can retail for up to $5 at places like Big Lots. Made by Polyfect, one of the largest Chinese companies of Transformer knock off toys, this appears to be based on the Robot Masters version of Star Saber.

The back of the packaging shows various other figures available under the Quick Change name. You can’t really tell from the picture, but he’s actually painted differently than the picture on the card back. The robot shown under Star Saber in the top right is Victory Leo, who is another character from the Victory show and could combine with Star Saber. I have yet to come across a Victory Leo to pick up and see if Polyfect made the toys combinable too, but I doubt it. Notice there’s no instructions on transformation.

Star Saber comes with a couple of accessories, his sword and a gun. The sword is rather flimsy and the gun is nice enough. Also, the sword serves two functions as it is both a weapon and is used as part of his transformation. Both weapons are a very tight fit in his hands.

Here’s a comparison image of the Quick Change robot and a real Robot Masters Star Saber. As can be seen, he’s a pretty close visual representation of the real deal with a little less detail and some color differences. The plastic is quite cheap and can definitely tell it’s of the knockoff variety. There’s very little articulation – shoulders can rotate up and down while the legs have some sideways hip movement. There are no elbow, knee, or waist joints. In terms of size he’s about on par with the modern day Scout class.

Star Saber was a member of the subgroup of transformers called Brainmasters. The Brainmasters were something similar to the Headmasters, with a smaller robot that formed part of the large robot, just in this case they formed the face and torso interior (rather than the entire head). The real Star Saber toys come with the little Brainmaster robot, but this knockoff doesn’t. I was mildly surprised though that Polyfect did bother to mold a face on the small peg that the large head covers.

Transformation is where this figure fails. The process itself is simple enough. You lift up his head and rotate it down onto his back on its hinge, fold the two little chest flaps forward, flip in the feet, fold out the leg flaps, make sure the arms are rotated down, then rotate up the lower legs to his sides to encase the hands. Finally, remove the blade from the sword (which can then be stowed next to the head), fold the hilt up, and then attach it to where his head was to make the nose of the space ship. The full transformation is shown on the bottom of the image from a real Star Saber figure. However, the top image is as far as I can transform him. Why is that?

This is why. The hinges where his lower legs are supposed to fold up to his sides appear to be made of just molded plastic and not actually a hinge. So his legs can’t transform all the way and prevents him from being fully converted to his alt mode. This seems to be a pretty common issue with this figure.

I’ve read online that there’s several different knockoff variants of the Robot Masters Star Saber including one with a Brainmaster, a couple that can transform completely, and ones that can combine with Victory Leo (even coming in a two pack with Victory Leo). This was the first and only Star Saber KO I’ve come across and the other variants seem to be older, rarer, and a bit higher priced.

As for my verdict, if he was more than $2 I’d be disappointed. But for the price, you get a very cool looking robot that makes a nice display piece. If you aren’t impressed by the robot mode or want to be able to transform him, then pass.

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